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Most home improvements will require several different people working on the project. Chances are you are going to need someone to put up drywall, a carpenter and an electrician. Making sure that you get the best price and have the people on the site when you need them is the job of a contractor.

Contractors put in bids for jobs. What this means is that if you want to improve your home you can pun an add in the paper for bids wanted and you will get calls from contractors and they will ask you want to have done and they will let you know how much they will charge you to get the job done for you.

To get their bid they will talk to the different people you will need to get the job done and come up with the best price. All the contractors will tell you how much they want for the job and you get to pick the one you want. Always keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best way to go. If the prices are very cheap chances are the contractor is not getting the best people in the business to do the work on your house.

Before talking to the contractors make sure to make a list of questions and concerns.

Here are some of the things you should ask the contractor before accepting any bids.

Always remember to ask for references from past clients and actually call them and whenever possible go to see some of the jobs this contractor has done. Try to see a job the contractor has recently finished, one that he did a year ago and one over a year or two old. This will let you see how the work holds up over time.

Make sure to ask to see his contractor’s license. It is mandatory for a contractor to have a license and you should never use a contractor that does not have a license or tells you that he is unable to produce it when you ask to see it.

Ask the names of the people that will be coming into your home to do the actual work. You can do a web search for their names and you can find if they are respected people in their fields or if they have been complained about by other homeowners they have done work for.

Make sure to ask the contractor how much of the time work is going on in the house will he be there watching the workers. Many times contractors will stop by to speak to the homeowner and then leave. It is always wise to try to find someone who will stick around to make sure the job is getting done properly.

Always try to remember the more you pay the better quality of work you can expect. You should not need to gamble on whether or not your home will be the way you had hoped when it is finished. At any time during the work you see something you do not like say something immediately, and do not back down till you are satisfied.